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Decoration Faceting Machine Model No . APD/2 Horizontal and Vertical combined head

Advantage : 

Engineer's centralized design manually operated small Universal.

Decoration faceting machine

Double Head Combined with individual feed slide and single lever control.

This is suitable for the large scale all kind of decoration cutting on Gold and Silver.

Work pieces, such as Bangles, Wedding Rings, Signage Rings, Pendants, Ear Tops/Rings, Chain and so many fashionable articles made from non ferrous metals with diamond or Tungsten carbide tools.

Tool Holder speed Horizontal / Vertical H 3750 / V 7500 RPM
Ele. motor 230v AC 50 Cyl 2800 rpm Hori/Vert H 0.13/V 0.25 KW
General dimension Base Type Approx. L.W.H 31 x 31 x 27
Shipping dimension -Approx. L.W.H. 41 x 41 x 27
Net weight Approx. 119 kgs
Packed weight Approx. 170

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